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By D. C. Blackbird

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By Patricia L. Fry

Cat Books List

Interest in cats is on the increase, as more and more people are learning that cats are fantastic companions. With the new interest comes an increased desire to know more about them... how they think... how they feel about us... how to create the most rewarding relationships with them... and just what makes them tick!

I will try to keep this list as current as possible, letting you know about new books on cats as they come up. The books listed here are available on their authors' pages, with prices listed here to help you make a selection. All are reasonably priced, many are on sale, with guarantees by each author. All are invaluable for the information they contain.

Below is a list of books you can download. On the left are physical books available at, as well as from the authors.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed is the bible for solving your pet health problems with natural, at home remedies. Dr. Jones shows you how to care for your pet at home, slash your veterinary bills, and often SAVE your pet's life!

In the pages of this excellent ebook, Dr. Jones also offers over 1,000 safe, natural and effective solutions for healing your pet at home. (Look for the free introductory ebook, too.)

Be sure to visit the article page for information on specific conditions: Look through the articles list.

Here are some links to excellent and informative sites to help you with your cat's health:

Feline health - Shirley's Wellness Cafe

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