When bad parasites happen to good cats
   Tip: Check for tiny invaders.

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Feline Parasites - What to Do

Parasites can be difficult to deal with. Study the information at these websites and check with your veterinarian to find out what tests need to be done and what treatments will be most effective for your cat:

The Para Site
Ringworm in cats  (Ringworm is not actually a parasite, as there is no "worm" involved. It's a fungal infection and is more usually listed as a disease.)

Toxoplasmosis  (Toxoplasmosis is in the news again with cat haters making special efforts to vilify cats whose plight is no fault of their own. All problems associated with cats - feral, stray or free-roaming - are due to irresponsible humans. At least learn the facts with this parasite and its impact on animals and people. Don't believe everything at face value...try to do some of your own homework, and thus, your own thinking.)


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