Catscapades, By Patricia L. Fry

Review by R.J. Peters

Available at and Matilija Press
     Experienced cat lovers will be smiling and nodding their heads from the first page, as they recognize the antics, shenanigans and affection that cats give us, along with the occasional lump in the throat when recalling our own inevitable sad moments that come from Nature's rule that we can't keep them forever.

As with all wonderful things, though, it's worth it. Never to have loved a cat, or to have been loved by one (or many), surely must leave a defect in the human spirit, whether one admits it or not.

And if you've never had that special bond with a kitty of your own, reading this book will make you wish you had one right now. Anyone who has ever had a cat will immediately recognize the truisms within every anecdote.

Not every story is heart warming or amusing, but some stories must be told, no matter what. The reader might like to keep a tissue handy for those that make you wonder why some people even have a cat. The painful truth is revealed that not every bad situation can be repaired, and the author admits to shedding tears herself when confronted with impossible scenarios, or people. Cry with the author when a neighbor takes a new mother cat in to be put down rather than make the effort to have her spayed. And cringe with her when a family that dumped a litter of kittens at a horse barn returns some weeks later to take one back, stuffing it into a sewing machine case.

In this collection, there is a cat story for everyone, either one you've known or owned, or more likely, owned you. You can read them to be entertained -- and you will be -- but don't overlook the underlying value of the lessons illustrated by each one. This is the kind of book you give to friends, family, or anyone you know who may be having "issues" with a cat, and where gentle enlightenment might be just the ticket to help someone reach a best outcome.

Without being instructional, the stories inherently teach compassion and tolerance, and that with an understanding of cats' unique needs, great relationships can, and should, be built, for all of us are enriched by it. Let your heart swell with happiness when Sammy helps his unwilling guardian learn how to love him. Go ahead and smile big when Cassidy is rescued from an industrial site and finds a safe home with someone who cared so much she couldn't ignore him until Monday when she'd be back to work. And revel in the memory of those cats who loved with complete devotion as described in these inspiring tales.

Illustrated with photos of the actual cats described, the stories feel all the more real. It's hard to believe they aren't from a stock photo collection, however, because they are so nicely done. My guess is that either the author, or someone in the family, has more than a passing awareness of cameras. These are not the plain vanilla snapshots found in most family albums.

You can find this book at by simply searching in the Books category for the title, "Catscapades." It's the only one! Or, you can contact the author directly to order the book, too. It's only $12.95 and is 130 pages long, in paperback. Go to

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