Survey Results for Kitty Times newsletter

Survey for March, 2009 [29% response rate, approx. 950 people contacted.]

Thanks to everyone who helped with this survey! Here are the results, with some of the comments sent in:

1. How often do you want to get the newsletter?
  • Once a week: 0%
  • Twice a month (no change): 69%
  • Once a month: 31%
2. What kinds of information do you want to read?
  • News: 82%
  • Humor: 89%
  • Heartwarming stories: 93%
  • Include dogs? Yes: 25% No: 75%
  • Pet food news: 78%

Comments included requests for the following kinds of information:
Weird stories involving cats, introducing a new cat to your home and family (other pets and people), behavior, cat care, nutrition, relationship advice, etc.

3. Are you interested in the sad stories?

  • Yes: 34%
  • Yes, and tell us how to help: 45%
  • No: 10%
  • Maintain upbeat tone of newsletter: 28%

"The bad news makes people more aware of the problems of animal cruelty... I'd hate to filter out this info. We can't turn a blind eye to cruelty and pretend it's nothing but roses out there... or changes won't be brought about.

"It's important for people to get involved with animal rights..."

"...having a separate section for disturbing stories at the end of the newsletter with links for those who want it..."

[I will continue with notices if help is needed, but will not make them the focus of the newsletter. I will provide links to learn more for those who wish to pursue a specific problem or incident that needs our help. This will be in a new section at the bottom of the newsletter.]

4. Videos:

  • Yes: 89%
  • No: 11%

This is a favorite feature for some, but others don't look at them. There are some readers whose computers aren't able to display video, and other readers with vision problems. Video links will continue, and I will try to find some with audio that explains the content, if possible. For deaf readers, subtitles can help... if available, unless the action is obvious. This could be hard to fulfill... but I'll try. If you find one, please send me the link and I'll share it with everyone!

5. Product information?

  • Yes: 79%
  • Links to recommended products, where to buy: 55%
  • No: 14%

Requests about products include: latest foods and cat care products with natural ingredients, inexpensive items for cats, furniture, toys, hairball remedies, grooming aids, litter boxes, dental treats, and anything new and unique.
[I'll keep my eye out for these things, but feel free to submit ideas and links if you find something!]

6. Format

  • Keep it in text format as an email: 50%
  • Include graphics and bright colors, etc.: 39%
  • Include a link to click on to go read the newsletter on a web page: 11%

Basically, it was equally split as to which way it could be published. However, to accommodate any readers with readability issues, I'll leave it in text format, with links to photos for those who don't mind clicking a link to see them.

"I hope you keep the text version. My screenreader reads text just fine but not graphics."

"It may sound daft, but I do feel that sending it in text format is more personal."

Most comments were to the effect that it was OK either way, with a few suggesting that I do it both ways, if possible. I'll work with that and see what I'm able to do.

7. Misc. comments:

  • You're doing a great job.
  • Keep up the great work!
  • Do you take donations? [YES!! Thanks for asking!]
  • Thanks for all your hard work.
  • Thanks for your enthusiasm for cats.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped with this!

Copyright 2009 - Dr. RJ Peters 
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